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HOP Associates

... smarter working for the digital age

Based in Cambridge UK, we are a software and consulting firm specialising in helping organisations work smartly, innovate and get the most out of their investments in information and communications technologies.

Our clients are leading organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  Activities span online tools, development, consulting, project management, training, research and communications.

Total Smart Working

Total Smart Working is about making the most of technology to boost productivity, streamline processes, reduce costs, improve the workforce and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

HOP Associates provides learning tools and resources to help organisations transform the ways they work and deliver the resulting financial and other benefits.


WebSpringer is a world-class online website building tool, designed for ease-of-use, accessibility and advanced interactive features.

Editors can embed slide shows, media content, Twitter and RSS feeds, FAQs, contact forms etc.

Community features include e-mail newsletters, registration, "members-only" pages, online calendars and bookings, quizzes, online learning resources, etc.

The Workplace Audit

The Workplace Audit uses a set of online tools to gather, analyse and present evidence to justify investment in changing the way an organisation works.

It measures accurately desk occupancy and utilisation, meeting room performance, storage, employee attitudes to change and manager preparedness.

The outputs from The Workplace Audit typically show how office and other costs can be reduced and performance improved.

HOP Associates clients

Here is a selection of clients of HOP Associates over the last few years.

Our aim with all our work is to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering high quality work on-time, within budget and "going the extra mile" where possible.

Most of our clients are happy to discuss with others their experiences of using us and, where appropriate, we can provide formal references.

Contact details for HOP Associates are at the top of the page.

Kings College, Cambridge

Kings College, Cambridge

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